Approved Schools and Programs

Choosing a school and program of study is an important decision. You will be investing time and money for an education and you expect that education will lead to employment, career enhancement and/or a career change. To assist with investigating the options available to you, this page provides several ways to help you find the school and program that best fits your needs.

Tip: You may also want to review information about what EAB approval means and how it is different from accreditation, as well as information about degree and diploma mills.

Methods of Locating an EAB Approved School or Program

Information about approved schools and programs can be obtained by using the search features available below or by downloading a copy of the Wisconsin Directory of Private Postsecondary Schools (1.6 MB).

Note:  The Search feature below draws information from the EAB's database, which is updated daily.  The directory is published in the spring of each year with no paper circulation (see EAB Memo).

School and Program Search

There are several ways to locate EAB-approved schools and programs. A "free-form" text search of the EAB's database is the easiest. Results are organized by school, program, and/or city (where an approved school delivers instruction). In addition to searching for a specific school, program or city, this search option will also provide results based on information contained in the description of a program. Optionally, you can locate an approved school or program by selecting a Program Classification based on categories established by the U.S. Department of Education.

Search using Free-Form Text

Search by Program Classification

  • CTRL-Click to select multiple Program Classifications
  • To view all EAB-approved schools, click Get Schools without selecting a Program Classification

Our staff have visited the schools listed in the search results and the directory. They are available to help answer questions you may have about the best possible fit to your educational needs. Please contact one of our School Administration Consultants if you have questions.