Obtaining Approval

The Educational Approval Program (EAP) exists to protect consumers and ensure the programs offered by schools meet certain education/training quality standards. A school seeking approval goes through an application process, which includes the following:

  • Evaluating applications for approval of schools, programs, representative permits and teaching locations;
  • Requiring a surety bond to demonstrate financial stability;
  • Ensuring schools adhere to legal requirements in their catalogs/handbooks and enrollment agreements;
  • Reviewing advertising materials for honesty and fairness.

Need for Approval

To help schools determine if they are subject to EAP approval, a flow chart providing an overview of the need for approval has been created. If you have questions or are unsure of the need for approval, contact the EAP to discuss your particular situation.

School and Program Approval Guide

To help schools understand the EAP's oversight, it has developed a comprehensive School and Program Approval Guide. It is important to thoroughly review this document before starting the approval process.

Download the School and Program Approval Guide

In becoming an approved postsecondary school, college or university that offers a training/educational program to Wisconsin residents, a school will need to provide the EAP with information by completing a series of forms and/or submitting certain documentation. Completing the forms takes time and effort. Some of the requirements are very precise, and the school policies and procedures (even the content of documents) must meet certain legal guidelines.

Special Note: Before completing any forms, schools seeking approval should contact the EAP and ask to speak with one of the School Administration Consultants.

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