Other Forms

The following forms are intended to be used by EAP-approved schools. Schools seeking initial approval should contact the EAP before using any of the forms.

A brief description of each form, which can be downloaded as a Microsoft Office document, is provided below. Users have the option of completing the form electronically.

Balance Sheet Template - EAP Form 2.01

Download Balance Sheet Template (343 KB)

Income Statement Template - EAP Form 2.02

Download Income Statement Template (296 KB)

Compliance and Institutional Assessment - EAP Form 2.03

Download Compliance and Institutional Assessment (394 KB)

Change of Ownership - EAP Form 2.04

Download Change of Ownership (205 KB)

Employment Verification - EAP Form 2.05

Download Employment Verification (95 KB)

Student Complaints - EAP Form 3.01

Download Student Complaints (299 KB)

Student Records Request - EAP Form 3.02

Download Student Records Request (286 KB)

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