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Our staff provides statewide leadership in regulating, maintaining, and evaluating postsecondary schools and institutions, including setting standards for school administrative capacity, protecting consumers' rights, and ensuring program quality and operational integrity.

General questions and information about the EAB should be directed to:
Educational Approval Board
201 West Washington Avenue, 3rd Floor
Madison, WI 53703
Phone:(608) 266-1996
Fax: (608) 264-8477

If you know the specific EAB staff member you need to contact, you may use the following phone numbers and email addresses.

Staff Member Phone (608)  Email   [recipient name]
David C. Dies
Executive Secretary
266-1996 David.Dies@[insert domain from above]
Linda Heidtman
School Administration Consultant
266-3705 Linda.Heidtman@[insert domain from above]
Pat Sweeney
School Administration Consultant
266-1354 Pat.Sweeney@[insert domain from above]
Zachary Galin
School Administration Consultant
266-3185 Zachary.Galin@[insert domain from above]
Jessica Sabin
Program and Policy Analyst
266-8111 Jessica.Sabin@[insert domain from above]
Casey Wachniak
Operations Program Associate (FT)
267-9518 Casey.Wachniak@[insert domain from above]
Blanca S. James
Operations Program Associate (PT)
266-8065 Blanca.James@[insert domain from above]