Student Complaints

The Educational Approval Board (EAB) has the authority, under EAB 4.08(2), to investigate a student complaint, negotiate a settlement, or dismiss a complaint if it is found to be inappropriate. The following information is intended to help students file a complaint about a school that the EAB regulates.

Before you file a complaint with the EAB, state law requires that you try to resolve the matter with the school. Every EAB approved school has a process to resolve student complaints. If the matter is not resolved, you may file a complaint with the EAB using the attached Student Complaint form.

Complaints must be filed within one year after the student's last recorded date of attendance. Upon receiving a student complaint, EAB investigates it. If preliminary findings indicate a violation by a school, the EAB shall attempt, through mediation, to resolve the complaint. If no agreement is reached, the EAB may dismiss the complaint or conduct a hearing. Under Wisconsin's Open Records Law (Wis. Stats., Ch. 19), complaints will generally be available for review on request from a member of the public after the EAB has acted. Please contact the EAB at (608) 266-1996 if you have any questions about the complaint process.

Download the Complaint Form (155 KB)

Download the Complaint Form (283 KB)

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